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CONBAR ep is a leading supplier of both disposable and reusable environmental and industrial sampling devices and sampling supplies, many which are manufactured exclusively by us.

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CONBAR ep has a complete line of sterilized sampling tools for the enviromental, food and pharmaceutical industries. Our cleaned and sterilized tools will save you both time and money by eliminating cleaning cost and possible cross-contamination. Our standard and new large capacity Sterilized 16, 32 and 82 ounce scoops are just a few sampling tools we can supply in standard, pre-cleaned and sterilized configuration.

CONBAR ep is a full line distributor for Scienceware (Bel-Art) and Rite in the Rain.
Please call or email for a quote on any of their products not listed on our web site.


Prices effective April 15, 2024

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Bailer accessories - Transfer Vessel - allows standard bailers to be used with filters.

Bailers - disposable 3/4 to 3 1/2 OD.....  Polyethylene and PTFE ...  Clear PVC

Bailer - retrievers..... Stainless steel -retrieves bailers which have been disconnected from their retrieval line

BOMB SAMPLERS (What's a?)  Is also called a Bacon Bomb Sampler or a point source sampler. It is a metal device than can be used to extract a sample from a specific depth in a tank, drum, pond, lake, etc. 

          Bomb sampler - Brass/ bronze sampler with 4, 16, and 32 ounce capacity   

Bomb sampler - Composite sampler with a 16 oz capacity    

Bomb sampler - Stainless steel sampler with 4, 16, and 32 ounce capacity


         Glass and Plastic - Pre-cleaned & certified

         Glass - Glass - standard and pre-cleaned

         HDPE - Plastic - sizes to 4000 ml

         Safety coated glass - Safety coated jars

         VOA vials - Glass VOA vials standard and certified         

BOWLS - Stainless steel -1 1/2 to 30 quart 

BUCKETS - 304 stainless steel 

COLIWASA   (What's a?)  a composite liquid sampling device which can be used to extract liquid samples from pails, drums, tanks, tank cars, tank truck and most any container. They are manufactured from many materials and are available in standard form for general industrial sampling, pre-cleaned for environmental use or sterile for food and pharmaceutical sampling.  

Please note. HDPE samplers are available in two types, standard and our new anti-static. They are also available in three configurations, standard as extruded, per-cleaned to EPA protocol and individually packaged or per-cleaned, individually packaged, and sterilized.    

Coliwasa  modular PVC - 1 1/2" OD by 4', 6', and extension kits

Coliwasa HDPE & PTFE – Polyethylene and PTFE - Standard, precleaned, sterilized or anti-static in lengths of 18", 42", 7' & 9', PTFE 1” by 2' to 8' ..... high volume (1L)  42” drum sampler.

DRUM THIEF  (What's a?)  Sometime called a QC rod and is a composite type  liquid sampler designed to take liquid samples from pails, drums and tanks. They are manufactured from glass or HDPE plastic and are available in standard or anti-static for general industrial sampling, pre-cleaned to EPA protocal for environmental use or sterile for food and pharmaceutical sampling. Sterilized samplers are individually packaged.   

          Drum thief - glass .....  Borosilicate glass....  for drum sampling ..... 7.5 to 18 mm sizes 

          Drum thief - plastic.... PolyethyleneStandard, pre-cleaned, sterilized and anti-static - 7.5, 9, 12 and 16 mm diameter


Dippers - polypropylene & polyethylene ..... Fixed  handle 3, 6, and 12 foot lengths

Dippers - stainless steel....  Stainless steel - fixed and swivel dipper - lengths 18",  3',  6',  and 8' ..... Graduated 32 oz. stainless 

Dippers - telescopic...... Telescopic - 8, 12, 18, and 24 foot with replaceable ladles

GRAB SAMPLERS (What's a?) A grab sampler is a sampling device which is designed to take or "grab" a sample at a specific depth or location.

Sub surface samplers 6000 series Fixed 6, 12, and 18' reach -

7000 series Telescopic 8,12,18,and 24' reach”18" to 24' reach

Sub surface samplers - Swiveling head Fixed length 18”, 3, 6, and 8' reach

Swiveling head Telescopic 8, 12, 18, and 24' reach

Sub surface samplers Zero cross contamination fixed 6' length

PAILS ....  See also buckets ....... 304 Stainless steel ..... 2 to 20 quart  

RIGHT IN THE RAIN® ... Weatherproof note books and pens

SCIENCEWARE® (Bel-Art) ....Polypropylene dippers ..... Sterileware® sampling scoops



Scoops..... Polyethylene - 4 ounce to 82 ounce.... 2 quart flat bottom   standard and sterilized

Scoops ..... Stainless steel - Pharmaceutical and food grade - 316 stainless - 10 to 4000ml  capacity ..... Economy 304 stainless  4 to 84 ounce

Scoops .....Sterilized polyethylene 4, 6, and 8 ounce …… Sterilized  polyethylene 16 ounce and polystyrene  32, 64, and 82 ounce ..... Sterileware® polystyrene 2, 4, 8 oz.

SOIL SAMPLING KITS ... Pre-cleaned & sterilized scoops 

TANK SAMPLERS..... Brass/ bronze..... Composite ..... Stainless steel ..... 4 and 16 oz. .... Stainless and Poly - low cost

VOA VIALS ..... Standard and pre-cleaned

WATER SAMPLER ..... Sample water from ponds, lakes, rivers, etc. .... Nasco EPA collection bags

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